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  • How to place an order?
    Our official website: and Method 1: Place order at website Choose products and order quantity. Pay the fund including shipping cost at the website (total ordered weight <= 9KG) Pay the fund of your ordered products (total weight more than 9KG) Contact us and get the shipping cost quotation. We would send the quotation after you placing an order at our website, when you do not pay the shipping cost.) Method 2: Place order with Email Download wholesale lists or catalogue at our webistes Choose tea & tea set products in the wholesale list. Send product No, order quantity,and your address with email. We would reply you within 24 hours, and provide the quotation including shipping service options and cost.
  • Can you provice tea samples before wholesale orders?
    You can choose tea samples at Tea-Tasting Sample You can understand Chinese tea varieties and Chinese tea grading system with these tea-tasting samples before your place wholesale orders. You also place sample orders with 250g of each tea in our wholesale lists Sorry, We can not provide free samples because we can not afford international shipping cost and business cost. the website is providing wholesale service for tea business owners outside China. if you are a personal customer, please visit our online shop
  • How can I get the wholesale lists of Chinese loose tea & tea set?
    You can download wholesale lists at our official website. We usually upgrade the wholesale list once in a year, and the teas and tea set products in the wholesale lists are not changed so often. we often add new tea varieties or tea-set categories. Because our clients purchase tea & tea set for business, we should keep the wholesale lists consistent and sustainable. Download Wholesale List
  • What is Chinese loose grades?
    Chinese teas are usually numbered, first being the highest grade and down from there. There's no set stopping point, but generally 7 or 9 is what most people deal with. Again, this is specific to the leaf style and shape and how perfectly that was executed in production. In addition to numbering, you may also find reference to the season of harvest in the Chinese system. Pre-qingming Dragonwell ("before the rains") is a good example of this. Certain seasons yield better quality of flavor, in general, so where this is noteworthy, it is called out. Chinese tea names are often poetic and descriptive of the leaf ('hairy crab', 'longevity eyebrow', 'red snail'). Some can also indicate where the tea came from - Yunnan, for example, is a well-known tea province in China, and actually, the birthplace of all tea. Excellent tea is relatively rare to find, because the entire procedure is done by hand. Pure handmade tea has adopted a strict, machine free process along every step. The leaves are picked leaf by leaf through tea famer's hand. Although handmade tea production is realtivley low, its flavor is particularly pure and tasty. Though manufactured tea is produced a large quantity, these leaves will lose lots of nutrients and original fragrance during the process.
  • There are a lot of items at your website, Are all goods available for order?"
    Yes, all are available. Sometimes, very few goods are sold out in the moment. we would tell you when you place orders. We have developed a complete Chinese tea & tea set wholesale system from 2010. All goods are from wholesalers in the same wholesale marketplace including our wholesale shop, and the other tea farmers and tea set workshops.
  • Do you have organic certificate or FDA certificate for USA or EU market?
    No. We can not provide any certificate about the teas and tea set in our wholesale lists. We would like to tell the true story about tea business in China. Chinese teas are not prodcuts made in morden high-teachnology factories. China is the homeland of tea which has several thousand years history. Chinese teas are nature and green products from the begining, because there were no chemical and pesticides in the ancient. In Chinese tea markets, we do not use so-called "organic tea" concept, and Chinese tea lovers prefer drinking "handmade tea" that professional tea masters make teas using traditional tea plantting and producing method. Or prefer buying expensive "wild tea" which tea farmers picking leaves of wild-growing tea trees in high mountain. Organic certificate is not needed in Chinese wholesale market. Organic certificate would be necessary for exporting tea with large quantities, or cheap tea which are sold in supermarket as a normal food. As a wholesaler, we usually provide high-grade and premium tea for tea lovers who enjoy tea to seek for wonderful spirit and taste experience. We are a small family-owned wholesaler, and not a trading company. if you need cetificated teas, please contact trading companies. the following videos are Chinese tea mountain and handmade producing process.
  • Can you delivery tea to my country? can you help me to clear custom?
    We have delivered tea parcels to our clients in more than 20 countries. Most of our clients are EU countries and USA. We can provide invoice to help our clients to clear custom. We send tea packages with China Post Air Mail and EMS. We have not meet problems about custom clearance till now. More information, please see "Shipping policy"
  • What MOQ do you have ?
    MOQ is one unit of its wholesale price.
  • How long is the delivery time?
    After receiving the fund, we would send the parcels to you within 3-5 working day. the shipping agent stop working in Sat and Sun.
  • Can you provide OEM service?
    We can provide service according to your requirement as we can. not all goods can be customer-made.
  • What is your payment method?
    We can receive the fund using paypal and bank service.
  • Can you delivery parcels to my shipping agent in China?
    We provide free shipping service for our clients in China.
  • Can I return my ordered goods, If I do not like them?"
    Yes, you can send back to us within 30 days after you receive the parcel. But you would afford the shipping charge of return.
  • Can I visit your wholesale shop and tea farm?
    Of course ! Actually, a lot of clients come to China and visit our shop. Good teas are from great mountain. there are some tea farms for sight viewing in China. Please make an appointment with us before your possible visiting.
  • How do I track my ordered parcel shipping?
    1, Shipping With EMS (China Post) We send the items via EMS or International Post shipping service. You can track at the following site using tracking No 2, Shipping With Air Mail (China Post) You can check the shipping information at your country's Post site with tracking No, for example: USPS Tracking Info -- United States Postal Services Tracking If the tracking number is not update, this doesn’t mean your package isn’t moving, it’s just that it’s moving overseas.
  • How much is the custom or duty charge with my ordered parcel?
    We have NO control over your country's customs officials. Some countries will charge duty for international packages and others will not, and all at different rates! Most packages go through without any charges,These are NOT extra shipping charges. You are responsible for knowing your country’s customs and duty policies.We also provide invoice to you with the help of custom clearance.
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