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Yunnan Black Tea

Yunnan blck tea is one of famous black teas in the globe, including Yunnan gongfu black tea and yunnan broken black tea. Yunnan gongfu black tea is traditionally exported and popular in Europe, the Middle-east countries, Japan, etc. It has an established reputation.

Brewing Difficulty: General difficulty.

Best season to taste: Summer

Origin: Lincang, Baoshan, Fengqing, Xishuangbanna, Dehong, etc. in the Southern and Southwesten Yunnan Province.

According to tea strips, brokenness, tenderness, clarity, color, luster and other apparent factors, we can judge the quality of various types of tea. Gongfu tea with tight strips is good quality while the top quality of broken tea is featured with regular, lusterting leaves and small particles.

Tea ceremony

Brewing method: Yunnan gongfu tea is suitable for pure drinking. Usually brew the tea with the purple clay teapot. The water temperature of 100℃ is proper. Mixed drinking method is appropriate for Yunnan black tea. You can add lemon, milk, etc. to relish the tea.

Due to climatic reasons, Yunnan black tea tree is tall and corpulent with thick and stout buds. Even tea shoots grow into 5-6 leaves, they are still soft and tender, and the amount of polypheonl compounds and alkaloid contained in the tea leaves ranks first among all the tea. The picking season of Yunnan black tea is from the middle March to middle November every year. The tea is divided into spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea according to the harvesting time.

Yunnan black tea uses the fresh big leaves in a proper degree of tenderness as the original materials. It can generate lots of aflavin and thearubigins, so the soup is red and bright with good quality.

The Story of Yunnan Black Tea

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