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Jin Jun Mei Black Tea

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Jin Jun Mei tea is a branch of Wuyi Lapang tea and is also China’s top grade black tea. Jin Junmei is harvested from Tomb sweeping Day to Grain Rain. It selects the tips of the original Lapsang buds as original materials. Every 500g of Jin Junmei needs 50-80 thousand of tip buds and all is made by manual rolling and non-smoking baking. Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province.

Appearance: Jin Junmei’s bud and body bone are small. The dry tea is rather thin and tight. Jin Junmei is made all by manual rolling, thus the shape is slightly curved. Liquid: Mainly orange, clear and bright. The inferior is red, turbid and dark. Brewed tea leaves: fresh, bright and bronze. The inferior is red brown. Tea charm: Jin junmei is thick, soft, and mellow and smooth. It taste not bitter and astringent and is resistant to infusion while the inferior is bitter and without tea charm.

Infusion Brewing method: middle-putting brewing method is proper. Water: high quality of mountain spring water or purified water is better. Water temperature: 90℃ or so. Tea sets: tall glass is better, so that you can enjoy the fragrance and the beautiful shape of the tea buds stretching in the water. Flushing: in a low-flushing way to avoid the tea soup turning turbid. Brewing times: the real Jin Junmei can be brewed for 8 times at right water temperature and in a proper flushing way.

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