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Keemun Black Tea

Keemun black tea is called keemun for short. It is the top grade and the most famous among black tea in China. Except for keemun, the 3 other tea listed in "the 4 kinds of famous black teas in the world" are Assam black tea and Darjeeling black tea from india and Uva tea from Sri Lanka.

Brewing difficuly: General difficulty

Best season to taste: Winter

Origin: Qimen, Dongzhi, Guichu, Shitai, Qian County of Auhui Province, and Fuliang of Jiangxi Province.


Keemun black tea's strips are tight, slender and slightly curved with revealed golden yellow tips. The buds are pretty and the color is black and mellow. The liquid is brilliant red after infusion. The brewed tea leaves are scarlet and bright. It tastes thick yet not astringent. The fake tea usually has artificial pigment, and tastes astringent and thin, and its shapes of strips are irregular.

Tea ceremony

Water temperature: around 100℃.

High flush: High flushing water can make the tea leaves full-soaked under the agitating of the water to volatilize the color, aroma and the taste to full degree.

Smells: Keemun black tea is recognized as one of the 3 most fragrant teas worldwide. The aroma is thick and lasting. You can not miss smelling the aroma if you have a cup of keemun black tea in your hand.

Mixed drinking method and pure drinking method

Mixed drinking means adding milk, butter, honey, lemon, mint and coffee into the tea and stirring it well. Both black tea and dark tea are applicable for mixed drinking.

Pure drinking refers to brewing the tea with hot water. You don't have to add milk or sugar in the tea. It is an original flavor drinking and can best refect the true qualities of the tea.

Keemun is the most brilliant and colorful tea among all the teas, It has pure reputation which no kind of tea can overtake. Keemun black tea is the precious kind in gongfu black tea and the best of black tea in China. It has the taste of honey aroma and the top grade contains the aroma of orchid and fruit. The fragrance lasts for a long time and it is called "Keemun aroma". Tea-lovers all over the European countries take it as supreme treasure.

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