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Tea Cup

Tureen is a tea device with cover on the top, tray on the bottom, and bowl in the middle. Cover, bowl and tray are symbols of "Heaven, Earth," and "God", so the tureen, also known as the "3 powers bowl", "3 power cup". Mr.Lu Xun in his article Drinking Tea wrote: "If you want to drink nice tea, use the tureen. Sure enough, brew a tea in the tureen, the tea is clear and sweet, with slightly bitter fragrant, indeed a good tea."

Tea cup is often used in conjunction with the fragrance smelling cup to taste tea soup.


Fair Cup / Gong-Dao Cup
The main feature of the fair cup is "justice", which is mainly used to hold the brewed tea, equally assign the tea into each person's cup, so that the concentration and the taste of each cup is the same. It is called "fairness".

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