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The Pursuit of Chinese Tea --- Liu Pao Tea

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Liu Bao Tea is from Guangxi province, south west of China. In Qing dynasty, Liu Boa Tea was listed as one of the famous tea during years of JiaQing emperor. Named under the original producing town Guangxi Wuzhou Liubao village.

Liu Bao Tea is a famous tea in the history. It's production history can be traced back to one thousand five hundred years ago. It is categorized as "Dark Tea" in China and become an outstanding fermented tea product of Guangxi.

Tea area is local in the mountain or canyon, vertical and horizontal streams, beautiful, sunshine short, year-round misty, fertile soil, very suitable for tea growing. Liu Bao tea leaf picking a bud and two, the beginning of the system by sharing green, low-temperature fixing, rolling, and steep heap, dry made. Replication process, including screening shaping, pick stems pick films, fight heap, cold fermentation, drying, steaming on, step baskets, and cool set aging.

The finished product of Liu Pao Tea has various kinds of package styles such as wicker basket packing of different specifications, For Guangxi is center of some minority nationality in China, the package of Liu Bao tea are very intereting, such as bamboo basket, cloth basket and so on.It is with higher values and appreciation of the value of collections.

Liu Pao Tea, is natural, healthy and good-tasty and it has been generally accepted by consumers. It contains higher lipase content than other kinds of tea in addition to various kinds of essential amino acid, vitamin and micro element. It has a good many healthcare functions as follows:

1. lowering blood pressure and preventing arteriosclerosis;

2. healthcare and slimming;

3. clearing the internal heat;

4. refreshing the mind and relieving the fatigue;

5. digesting and reducing the fat;

6. protection of radiation and cancer.

Liu Bao tea has similar benefits as Puer tea, such as losting-weight, lower blood-fat and chelostria. Moreover, Liu bao tea are all oxidized tea, there is no any side effects to our stomach.

It is ideal to serve Liu Bao with boiling water of about 95 to 100 degree C. The quantity of tea to be placed for brewing should be decided by the size of the tea pot used, in general, 1:50 is most adopted. Pour boiling water into the tea pot and brew for 3-5 minutes then the tea is ready for taste. It is recommended to wash the tea for 2 times with boiling water before brewing.

Guo Junbang, an overseas Chinese in Malaysia, is the descendant of people from Guangdong and Guangxi provinces who used to sail to Southeast Asia for a living. When Guo was a child, he would prepare a pair of slippers and cup of tea waiting for his father to return. And that tea was Liu Pao Tea. Many years had passed since then, when he came to Wuzhou, Guangxi province, the hometown of Liu Pao Tea, he found out that Liu Pao Tea has already been sold all worldwide in the past 40 years. Nowadays, Liu Pao Tea is not only a beverage for overseas Chinese to remind them of their early days, but representative of tea culture in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, China.

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