Liu Bao Tea, Chinese Dark Tea Wholesale


Liu Pao Tea, is natural, healthy and good-tasty and it has been generally accepted by consumers. It contains higher lipase content than other kinds of tea in addition to various kinds of essential amino acid, vitamin and micro element.Liu Bao tea has similar benefits as Puer tea, such as losting-weight, lower blood-fat and chelostria. Moreover, Liu bao tea are all oxidized tea, there is no any side effects to our stomach. More Information


Place of Origin : Wu Zhou, Guangxi Province


Package : Bluk Tea / Loose Tea


Wicker Basket Packaged Tea


LBT-1: 60USD/unit (1unit=2baskets, 1basket=0.5KG /Aged tea in 2010)

LBT-2: 80USD/unit (1unit=2baskets, 1basket=0.5KG /Orchid Aroma)

LBT-3: 115USD/unit (1unit=2baskets, 1basket=0.5KG /10-years aged tea)

LBT-4: 110USD/unit (1unit=1basket, 1basket=0.5KG /golden prize tea)

LBT-5: 140USD/unit (1unit=1basket, 1basket=0.5KG /aged tea in 2006)


Wholesale Price Unit : *USD/KG & *USD/0.5KG



Liu Bao Tea, Chinese Dark Tea Wholesale

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