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Classifications of Chinese Dark Tea

Dark tea is mainly produced in Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, etc.

Dark tea from Hunan province

Hunan province produces Xiangjian tea, Qianliang tea, Fu brick (Fuzhuan), Black brick (Heizhuan), Flowery brick (Huazhuan), etc. Fu brick is characterized by its growth of fungus spores, which gives it a unique fragrance.

Dark tea from Sichuan province

Dark tea from Sichuan is classified into south-road brick tea and west-road brick tea. Samples include Kangzhuan, JinJian, etc.

Dark tea from Guangxi Province

Originally produced in the Liubao township in Cangwu County, it is dark brown and glossy. The tea liquid is dark red and sweet with a betel nut fragrance and a sweet aftertaste. The tea is characterized by its red color, strength, mellowness and age. The best Liubao tea that is old is the one with golden fungus spores. This once commanded the largest market share of dark tea in Hongkong and southeast Asian countries.

Dark tea from Yunnan province

The representative Yunnan dark tea is Pu-erh tea. It is produced after a long period of artificial fermentation (in piles with controlled temperature and humidity) of loose Yunnan green tea (Yunnan sun-baked green crude tea). It is usually made into compressed tea, such as the Qizibing (seven cakes) tea, brick tea, bowl tea, etc.

Pu-erh tea, very popular in the tea market today, is a representative dark tea. It is also the favorite among the types of dark tea. Growing in a pure environment, it is effective in improving digestion and controlling cholesterol and blood pressure. This has increased its function to meet the spiritual and physical need of the modern generation. Its tough transportation route closely associates Pu-erh tea with the ancient tea route.

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