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Mengding Yellow Bud Tea

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Mengding Yellow Bud Tea is the gem of Chinese yellow tea. Wang Tang, a poet in Song Dynasty, once wrote in For People Who Sends New Mengding Tea: “Shu (another name for Sichuan Province) tea can be praise as holy, but the tea in Mengshan Mountain area is of incomparable precious taste.” There are many other famous sentence that highly praise the famous Mengding tea series which are represented by Mengding Yellow bud tea. Mengding tea had been listed as tribute from Tang Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. It takes Mingqian single bud as its raw material and it’s elaborately made with the unqiue “yellow-packing” technology. Mengding tea per kilogram is made with 80 thousand tea buds.

Origin: Mengshan Mountain, Mingshan County in Sichuna Province.

Mengding yellow bud tea of top quality is featured with even, flat and straight bud sticks, yellow and embellish color, obvious golden fuzzes, yellow greenish liquid, sweet and tender, and mellow and fresh taste. It is nonesuch of yellow tea.


Water temperature: boiled water of over 85℃.

Tea sets: glass.

Geographical conditions of Mengding Yellow Bud Tea

The beautiful Mengshan Mountain is rich in the famous Mengding Ganlu tea, but also a home to Mengding Yellow Bud tea. The all year round drizzle, widespread mist, fertile soil, and superior environment of Mengshan Mountain are very suitable conditions for the growth of Mengding Yellow Bud Tea.


Mengshan Mountain has a long tea-producing history, dating back to 2000 years ago, and many ancient works recorded about it. Zhao Yi in Qing Dynasty recorded in his work Mengding Tea: Among famous tea mountains, Mengshan Mountain has the best tea; Mengding tea is better than that of Shangqing Peak. Seven plants in Mengshan mountain top are the best. It is said that Ganlu tea were planted by a Zen master and they neither wither nor grow. The tea is endowed with thin and long leaves, sweet and pure taste, has yellow and verdurous color. If you put the dry Mengding tea in the cup, they won’t separate. Since this peculiarity, the tea is termed as “immortal tea”. Every year, about 167 KG tea is picked and served as tribute..” Another poem wrote: “Many teas have leaves as soft as silk and are paid as tribute teas since Tang Dynasty.” Mengding tea had been served as tribute tea since the beginning of Tang Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and it is also one of the most famous tribute teas in Chinese history.

What made yellow tea became the royal tribute tea?

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