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Huoshan Huang Ya Tea

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Huoshan Huangya is a yellow tea from Anhui Province in China, it is the Imperial Tribute Tea and dates back to the Ming Dynasty. The dry tea leaves have a shiny appearance and are very similar to Huang Shan Mao Feng tea. When steeped the leaves reveal a very peppery and fresh taste accompanied by an unusual green-yellow color of the brew. As with all mostly bud teas the color and fragrance are slight.


Chinese Name: Huoshan Huangya

English Name: Huoshan Yellow Bud

Tea Type: Yellow Tea

Elevation: 800m tea garden

Cultivar: Huoshan Morning (local and traditional)

scholar from Anhui Agricultural University explained: yellowish fresh tea leaves esp the buds; yellowish wet tea leaves after brewing and yellowish infusion color.

The features of our HSHY / the difference between HSHY and green teas:

HSHY is more mellow, soft, less astringent/agressive. It can be drunk at any time of one day, won`t cause any comfort. But because it is not yellowed on purpose , it is close to green tea, so still keep the refreshing spirit. So HSHY has both the same feature of refreshing with green teas; and also the same feature of softness with white teas. Its chestnut & orchid fragrance likes Xi Hu Long Jing more or less..

How makes HSHY yellow during processing:

After plucking the fresh tea leaves, "tan fang" the fresh tea leaves/let them sit down for around 2 hours to let it wither; then kill the green, after this procedure, still tan fang for a period; then shape, after this procedure, still tan fang for a period; then bake 3 times within around 2 days, after the first and 2nd baking, tan fang! The tan fang let the tea ferment naturally! The longer time tan fang, and the heavier baking, the yellower!

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