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Guangdong Dayeqing Tea

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Dayeqing is a specialty of Guangdong Province. It is processed through deterioration, fixation, rolling and at last piling, different from other yellow teas. Deterioration and piling is to eliminate the grassish and astringent smell and to make it pure and mellow. Its products have the general characteristics of yellow tea.

Origin: Shaoguan, Zhaoping, Zhanjiang and other counties and cities in Guangdong Province.

The big branches and leaves of yellow large leaf tea make it very rare among many teas in China, which is also the standard of quality. The authentic Guangdong Dayeqing has stout, tight and heavy strops, evenly-proportioned old and tender leaves, complete leaves and obvious bud fuzzes; whereas the dry tea can be told through green smooth and obvious yellow color and bright yellow liquid after infusion. The smell is mellow; the brewed tea leaves is light yellow, and the taste is mellow with sweetness aftertaste.


Water Temperature: boiled water of over 85℃.

Tea Sets: glass.

Infusion Time: Guangdong Dayeqing is rather delicate, 3 to 5 infusions is perfect.

Tea Ceremony of Yellow Tea


Guangdong dayeqing was produced in the reign of Emperor Longqing in Ming Dynasty. It is featured by a big leaf, long stalk, yellow color and soup, and strong old fire smell (generally called rice crust smell). Yellow large leaf tea is characterized by strong stalks and thick leaves, strip-formed blade, fishhook-like connection of stalks and leaves, golden and obvious brown, lubricative color, dark yellow and brown liquid, yellow and brown brewed tea leaves, strong and mellow taste, and strong delicate burnt smell. By qualities, yellow large leaf tea is divided into 3 grades and 6 levels.

Harvest of Guangdong Dayeqing

Guangdong Dayeqing is made from the fresh leaves of Yunnan broad-leaf variety. It takes one bud with 4 or 5 leaves from big branches and stalks, with its length kept in 10 to 13 cm. The finished tea is stout and tight in strips, green, smooth, obviously yellow, and mellow.

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