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Ya'an Tibetan Tea

Dark tea of China is firstly made in Sichuan Province. Ya'an Tibetan tea is called because it is made in Ya'an and sold to the Tibetan area for thousands of years. Tibetan tea is rich in tea pigment, tea polysaccharide and other special ingredients, which can digest the fat, decompose the grease and promote the decomposition and digestion of the beef, mutton, cheese and other food rich in fat. Ya'an Tibetan tea uses the current year's ripe tea leaves and red moss in high altitude as the raw materials. It is made after tea more unique crafts with distinctive " red, thick, mellow and old" features.

Kangzhuan tea: It is round rectangular, flat and tight, and dark brown with pure aroma. The liquid is red brown and bright. The taste is thick and the brewed tea leaves are dark brown and a little ord.

Jinjian Tea: It is round rectangular and a little tight without leafing. It is dark brown with pure aroma. The liquid is red yellow and bright. The taste is mellow and the brewed tea leaves are dark brown and a little old.

Heikui Series: it is pie-shaped, bulk-shaped, bar-shaped or diffused. There are also a series of high,middle and low grades including tea for collection, and tea for decoration. They are made with the traditional processing techniques of Tibetan tea. The taste, look and quality are better than the traditional products of the same kind.

Tea Ceremony:

Water temperature: Boiling water of 100 ℃.

Tea sets : Purple clay teapot or glass.

Growing environment of Ya'an Tibetan Tea.

The nature conditions of Tibetan tea are characterized with deep soil, acidic reaction and shortage of winter cold and summer heat. The supperior natural ecologic conditions are the exquistite artistry created the good quality of Ya'an Tibetan tea.

Tea of life for the northwest minorities.

Ya'an Tibetan tea is the bond of national unity between the Han nationality and the Tibet nationality, honored as " the tea of life for the northwest minorities". The processing techniques of Ya'an Tibetan tea is owned only by Ya'an main producing area after thousands of years' inheritance and evolution. In recent years, the techniques are protected and popularized to ensure the qulaity of Ya'an Tibetan tea, which is helpful for both health of Tibetan minorities and national unity.

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