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White Pekoe Silver Needle Tea

White Pekoe Silver Needle is renowned as Beauty among teas because of its unparallel elegant shape and silver white, shinning appearance. It is sun-withered or dried without stir fixation or rolling, so White Pekoe Silver Needle is more primitive, more natural and healthier than any other kind of tea. While appreciating its unique appearance, color and quality, you'll be indulged in enjoying its taste.

Brewing difficulty: General difficulty

Best season to taste: Summer

Origin: Fuding and Zhenghe in Fujian Province


The top grade is silver white and shinning with fat bud and the gray tea with thin and small bud comes secondary. The tea leaves slowly fall down while mixing with water, standing upright and interlacing. What a splendid sight.

Tea ceremony

Water: fine natural spring water or steam water is the best, and purified water is good.

Tea sets: transparent glass for better sight, and covered bowl for keeping fragrant aroma.

Infusion: 4~5 times, the second and third infusions are optimal.

Infusing time: the first infusion lasts 3 minutes. when it turns yellow, you can drink the tea. 5 minutes are ok for the second infusion and more times for the following infusions.

Name origin and its picking

White Pekoe Silver Needle is called silver needle or white tip for short. The finished product is famous for being white like silver and straight like a needle. The picking is under the "10 No Picking" : not in rainy day, no dew, no thin bud, no purple bud, no wind-damaged, no human-damaged, no insect-damaged, no open bud, no hollow bud and no sick bud.

White Beauty in Taimu Mountain

The origin of place of White Pekoe Silver Needle is Taimu Mountain in Fujian, mild and rainy all year around. There are north silver needle and west silver needle by area and tea bush. The former is, produced in Fuding, Fujian, known as Fujian white tea with strong bud, thick fuzz, and luster. And the latter is, originated in Zhenghe, Fujian, famous for Zhenghe white tea and characterized by robust shape, long bud, slightly thicker fuzz, and less bright luster.

How to Use White Tea for Health

1, White tea has some of the same health benefits as coffee or sodas, but it does not pose the same staining threat to your teeth.

2,Keep your bacteria levels down.

3,Take your antioxidants and leave your tannins and grass

4,Lower your risk of stomach and colon cancer

5,Reduce your caffeine intake.Recent clinical studies have shown that drinking white tea increases your metabolism and keeps fat cells from easily replicating. It also has shown promise as a cancer preventative due to it's antioxidant properties.

Even if you don't change your diet, drinking 4 cups of white tea a day can lead to a weight loss of 4-8 lbs per year.

Health benefits of white tea, the beauty, anti-smog, anti-virus tea.

The brewing method of Fuding white tea- Natural beauty

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