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Gongmei Tea

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Gongmei, also known as Shoumei, is one of the highest yield varieties in White tea, and made from tea shoots of Cai tea Trees. Its flowery is called “Little White”, distinct from “Big White” made from tea shoots of Fuding White tea and Zhenghe White tea.

Origin: Fuding and Zhenghe in Fujian province

Observing the high quality product, you will see obvious buds, mass of white fuzzy tips, and jade leaves. The orange or deep yellow liquid, and even, soft and bright brewed leaves mirror the reddish veins through light. Its tastes mellow and brisk, and smells fresh and pure.


Water temperature: above 85℃.

Tea Sets: Glass.

Gongmei and Shoumei

Gongmei yields more than half of the total in

White tea. The tea shoots of Cai tea is used for making White Pekoe Silver Needle and other varieties, and afterwards “Big White” for White Pekoe Silver Needle and White Peony and “Little White” for Gongmei. Gongmei is universally recognized as the top grade and superior to Shoumei. However Gongmei prevails now while shoumei is rarely heard.

Gongmei Grade:

Gongmei is classified into 4 grades: Premium, A, B, and C. The top grade is featured by fat bud, tender leaf morphology, whole shoot, and tightly curly and even leaf, with a few broken leaves. It is grey green or dark green and even. Its leaf is olivine, soft and bright. It has no aged stalk. Moreover, it smells fragrant. Gongmei of inferior quality isn’t such typically featured.

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