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Taiping Houkui Tea

Taiping Houkui Tea is a kind of baked green tea and a famous tea in Chinese history. It is unique in color, smell, taste and shape. It can be sub-divided into Houkui, Kuijian, and Jiancha. If you taste it, you will experience that artistic conception of "great fragrance in the first infusion, strong taste in the second infusion, and lingering fragrance in the third and fourth infusions."

Taiping Houkui is very large, two leaves with one bud, and the leaves is up to 5 and 7 cm. After brewing, fat shoots swell into flowers, like budding white orchids. The color is dark green. Tea leaves look more beautiful when they are viewed in the sun, definitely not yellowish. Taiping Houkui is more durable than other ordinary tea. The lingering fragrance still exists in the 3rd and 4th infusions, with sweet aftertaste and orchid fragrance.

Brewing Method: bottom-putting or middle-putting brewing method.

Tea sets: Glass.

Water temperature: 80℃ ~90℃.

Harvesting of Taiping Houkui

Taiping Houkui fresh leaves are generally picked only 15 to 20 days between Grain Rain and Beginning of Summer. Usually it happens in sunny or cloudy mornings or afternoons. The picking standard is one bud, three shoots in the early development. It is important to carry out "four pickings" strictly. First, the tea which grows on hills facing south, shrouded with heavy clouds; Second, the tea which grows on thriving tea trees; Third, the tea from sturdy and straight tender branches; and Fourth, the tea leaves corpulent with fuzzy tips.

Both of Houkui's ends are sharp, unscattered, not warped and not curl

Houkui is described "sharp, un-scattered, non warped, and not curled" . After brewing the bud is like a flower, suspendeding or precipitating in the clear bright tea liquid, just like many small monkeys are giggling and flirting.

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