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Anji White Tea

Anji White Tea is a kind of rare variant of tea. It is made with the green tea processing technology, so it belongs to green tea. What's more, because of the unique characteristic it seems very precious.

Brewing difficulty: easy

Best season to taste: Autumn

Origin: Anji County of Zhejiang Province


Shape: the tea whose leaves are fat and tender with lots of fuzz is the top grade. The tea whose bud is thin and sparse is inferior. The tea whose leaves are mixed with tender buds and old leaves is of bad quality.

Taste: the top grade tastes fresh, mellow, thick and sweet. The one which tastes astrictive and dull is of bad quality.

Soup: the top grade looks apriot, almond green, clear and bright. The tea which looks reddish and dark mix is poor.

Quality: free og old stems, old leaves and herbarium. If the tea contains these impurities, It is of poor quality.

Tea ceremony

Brewing method: the middle-putting brewing method is adopted. First use a small amount of water to moisten the tea, and then shake the cup, and finally put water to brew the tea.

Water temperature: the water temperature cannot be too high, 80℃~85℃ is appropriate.

Tea sets: glass or glass tureen.

Harvest time of Anji White tea

Anji White tea is a rare and precious variation of tea. Its color can turn from white to green. The time to produce white tea usually lasts only a month. Buds of Anji White tea germinated before Tomb-sweeping Day are white. The color gradually turns into jade white before Grain Rain. And then the buds will turn into white and green leaves betweens Grain Rain and Summer Solstice. Finally the leaves become completely green when summer is coming and there is no difference from common green tea.

As a kind of White tea itself, different from the common tea

Anji White tea is processed in the same way as green tea. It still belongs to green tea or green tea of white leaves. As Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty says, " White tea stands itself and differs from common tea", Anji White tea seems very precious because of its unique features.

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