Qingzhuan Tea

Qingzhuan tea (QZT) is a unique type of dark tea exclusively produced in Hubei Province of China.Qingzhuan Tea(Lao Qing Dark tea / Green Brick Tea) is a variety of Chinese Dark Tea, and it is made with fresh leaves of tea tree in altitude of 600-1200m high mountain with traditional tea production method -high temperature steamming. The place of origin is Zhao Liqiao Yang Lou Dong Town in Chi Bi city, Hubei province. It has about 600 years of history .

老青茶 Laoqing Dark Tea

Produced in Hubei and Lingxiang county of Hunan and dried in the sun during primary processing.

青砖 Qing Brick Tea

Processed from Laoqing Dark Tea, it’s mainly sold to Mongolia and Russia.

帽盒茶 Maohe Tea

The shape of the tea like hat, two teas put in a box..

洞砖 Dong Brick Tea

The predecessor of Qing Drick Tea, it originated in Yangloudong Town of Hubei.

米砖 Mi Brick Tea

Compressed with black tea fanning, it’s also called Xiaojing Drick Tea.

小京砖 Xiaojing Drick Tea

Compressed with black tea fanning in Hubei ,it’s mainly sold to Mingolia and Russia.

牌楼牌米砖 Pailou Brand Mi Brick tea

The Mi Brick Tea with the patterns of Chinese ancient decorated archway on the surface of it.

川字茶 Chuanzi Dark tea

The Qing Brick Tea with the character “川” on the surface of it.

凤凰牌米砖 Phoenix Brand Mi Brick Tea

The Mi Brick Tea with the pattern of phoenix on the surface of it.

火车头牌米砖 Locomotive Brand Mi Brick Tea

The Mi Brick Tea with the pattern of Locomotive on the surface of it.

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