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Pu'er Old Yellow Leaves

"Old yellow leaves“(Lao Huang Pian) are the old leaves picked out in the process of producing the sun-baked green crude tea. They are preserved loose or compressed into cakes. The picked-out yellow leaves are often mistaken to be bitter and astringent.

However, a taste of the tea liquid of the boiled yellow leaves proves its mellowness and sweetness. The yellow leaves contain rich substances. In the tea-producing areas in Yunnan, the tea is a daily drink and also served to honored guests. In the current tea market, Old yellow leaves occupy a special place.

There are fermented old yellow leaves preserved for several years. They are reddish-brown. Their coarseness is clear.

Dry tea: yellowish-green or reddish-brown

Color and taste: the tea liquid is orange and bright, or yellowish green (liquid from preserved old yellow leaves is reddish-orange), with a mellow sweet aftertaste, lasting fragrance.

Brewed leaves: Flexible and unbroken.

Have taste of authentic Pu'er tea at ancient SW China village

Pu'er City, located in Yunnan Province, southwest China, is famous for its aromatic tea, which is often presented as an elegant gift. In today's livestream, CGTN reporters are in Pu'er to have a go at tea-picking on an ancient tea plantation forest at Jingmai Mountain. They also pay a visit to Wengji, an ancient village where people of Bulang ethnic minority group have planted tea trees since olden times

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