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Pu'er Old Paka Tea

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

"Old paka" is a common drink in the Yunnan tea-producing areas and originally not for sale. It is made from the old leaves by heating.

The heating process for making old paka differs from making Pu'er tea. Boil old paka in the boiling pot to destroy the activity of the enzyme in the leaves. After the leaves are withered, take them out and dry them. The dried leaves are old paka. Before making tea, it is better to roast the old paka for some time on coal fire so as to release its fragrance.

Like old yellow leaves, old paka is very pupular with the local people for its special fragrance and sweet flavor. It is an indispensable daily drink in the tea producing areas. Due to the varied market demand, old paka has also appeared in the major tea markets.

Tea ceremony

old paka must be boiled to get its special taste. As old paka is only processed in boiling water, the brewed leaves are unbroken and the redried leaves are worth collecting as samples of the ancient arbor tea tree leaves and may be used as bookmarks.

Dry tea: Coarse and unbroken, light brownish-green, prominent veins.

Color and taste: Tea liquid is yellowish-green and tastes fragrant and sweet.

Brewed leaves: yellowish-green, tough and unbroken.

Pu'er City, located in Yunnan Province, southwest China, is famous for its aromatic tea, which is often presented as an elegant gift. In today's livestream, CGTN reporters are in Pu'er to have a go at tea-picking on an ancient tea plantation forest at Jingmai Mountain. They also pay a visit to Wengji, an ancient village where people of Bulang ethnic minority group have planted tea trees since olden times

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