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Pu'er Crab Pincers

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Crab pincers are the grass parastie on the several-hundred-year-old ancient tea trees. They are considered a type of pu-erh tea because their similar characterestics. Not only do they grow on the ancient pu-er tea trees but also similar to pu-erh tea in their brewing methods. They have greater health benefits than pu-erh tea and they are more endurable. A rare and fascinating type of tea, they mostly come from the Jingmai Mountain.

The sunlight-dried crab pincers are similar to raw tea in color and turn brownish-red with preservation.

Dry tea: looks like crab pincers, hence the name " crab pincers".

Color and taste: the liquid is light yellow, mellow with a refreshing and sweet aftertaste.

Brewed leaves: Brownish-red and tough, not easily broken.

Pu'er City, located in Yunnan Province, southwest China, is famous for its aromatic tea, which is often presented as an elegant gift. In today's livestream, CGTN reporters are in Pu'er to have a go at tea-picking on an ancient tea plantation forest at Jingmai Mountain. They also pay a visit to Wengji, an ancient village where people of Bulang ethnic minority group have planted tea trees since olden times

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