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Mengding Ganlu Tea

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Lushui is famous among the musical instruments while tea grown in Mengding Mountain is old friend”. Mengding Ganlu is the oldest famous tea in China. It is said that Wu Lizhen of West Han Dynasty during the period of Ganlu, found the medical effects of wild tea on the top of Mengding Mountain, then he began to cultivate seven tea trees among the five peaks. Therefore, it was popular to plant Mengding tea and thus people call him “Master Of Ganlu”. The site of Wu Lizhen planting the 7 tea trees nowadays still exists on the top of Mengding Mountain in Sichuan Province.

Origin:Mengding Mountain of Mingshan County in Sichuan Province

There are various Mengding famous teas, such as Ganlu, Huangya, Shihua, Yuyechangchun and so on. Among them “Ganlu” is the best. Its quality characteristics are beautiful shape, uniform leaves, tight and curl fuzzy tips, tender and green color, thick aroma, and sweet taste. The Liquid is yellow and green, clear and bright. And brewed tea leaves are even, fresh and bright.


Brewing method: top-putting brewing method is appropriate.

Water temperature: 75℃~85℃ is appropriate.

Tea sets: Porcelain and pottery wares are best, followed by the glass.


Put Mengding Ganlu into the food packaging bags which is thick and with high density and high pressure without unusual smell. Then put them into the freezer or cold room. Temperature should be controlled between 3℃~6℃.

Metal tins, boxes, cans and sealed bag are also appropriate. Place them in a cool dry place at low temperature.

Water of Yangtze River, tea on the top of Meng Hill

Mengding Ganlu is mainly grown in the peak. It is one of China’s oldest tea with great reputation, entitled “old friend of tea”, “ tea pioneer”. Thank to delicate picking, superb making, beautiful appearance, and excellent quality, literati of every dynasty uttered sights of admiration increasingly. What’s more, they left lots of excellent poems about it. For example, Bai Juyi of Tang Dynasty said in Instrument and Tea that, Lushui is famous among the musical instruments while tea grown in Mengding Mountain is as intimate as an old friend”. Mengding Ganlu had won fame since then till Qing Dynasty, lasting for almost thousand years.

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