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Liupu Tea

Liupu tea is a kind of famous dark tea in history and is "red, thick, old and mellow". Liupu tea is well-known because of "old aroma", thus cooling and storage are cirtical for Liupu tea. The aging of Liupu tea is usually enforced by putting the tea into baskets and piling up and storage in cool warehouse. Half a year, It appears old flavor and liquid turns redder.


The dry false Liupu tea is grey without the feeling of softness, curled leaf trim. And there is green or green yellow at the back of the leaf.

But the dry real Liupu tea is red brown or brown. And there will be a natural layer of grey "frost" and the tea will be diffused. The false also has white "frost", yet the "frost" is dead without activity.

Aged Liupu tea is "red" and "thick". The fake Liupu tea is turbid and green with yellow and tastes "throat-locking".

The real Liupu tea has an old and fragrant flavor with the unique aroma of betelnut. It tastes mellow and smooth.

Tea Ceremony

Water Temperature: boiling water

Tea sets: Purple clay teapot is better.

Amount of tea: Don't put too much for first drinkers.

Clever storage of Liupu tea

The best preserving method of Liupu tea is to package with traditional baskets. It is helpful for the tea to transform so the aroma is thicker. For example, the newly-bought Liupu tea has the odor of warehouse. You can lay them in the air and store them after the odor is over.

Origin of Liupu tea

A long time ago, Dragon Mother Goddess decended to Blackstone Village of Liupu Town in Cangwu. She found the the villagers lived a miserable life. Dragon Mother Goddess asked the Gold of Agriculture to spread some tea trees' seeds and cultivated a tea tree with green leaves and beautiful buds. Then the villagers sold the leaves and buds of the tea tree and bought sufficient grains and salt. They began to spread the seeds. Finally the seeds grew into a tea tree forest, covering Liupu Town. And this tea was called Liupu tea thereafter.

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