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Liu'an Basket Tea

Liu an basket tea is liu an gua pian (green tea) that fired and steamed compressed into baskets for aging. Like most Dark Tea, liu an begins similar to green tea and is aged to undergo flavor and aroma development via post-fermentation. Liu An tea is a famous tea originating in An Hui Province in China. This region has a long tradition of making post-fermented teas like their neighbors in Yunnan province who make Pu-Erh Tea. The manufacturing process is similar to Pu-Erh tea and Liu An is a much sought after favourite among tea connoisseurs.

The tea is from a small leaf variety of Camellia sinensis. The aging process of Liu-an is even more complicated than Liu An Gua Pian. It were baked over a small fire and braized into a small bamboo basket. The process and storage is similar to Pu-erh.

Tea ceremony

Liu-an is traditionally brewed by gongfu style. Also it is a tradition to brew a piece of the bamboo wrapping with the tea together. Medicinally, dried aged mandarin orange peel is sometimes added to the tea, though this might add unsavory seasoning to unglazed pots, such as yixing teapots.

Brewing Guide: Gongfu tea style brewing. Use hot water to rinse the leaves before brewing. The first infusion needs 20 seconds and the latter needs 10 seconds each.

Liu an basket tea benefits your digestion and relief the heat and thirst on hot summer days.

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