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Gold Medal Huiming Tea

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

“The 1st infusion of Huiming tea is tasteless, the 2nd is fresh, the 3rd is sweet and mellow, and the 4th and 5th are left with lingering fragrance”. It really deserves the fame of top grade in famous tea. It is produced in the Chimu Mountain at the altitude of 1500 meters, endowed with verdant forests, clouds and moisture, fertile soil, and mild climate, abundant rainfall and moist air. The unique quality of the tea owns to all these conditions.

Origin: Around Huiming Temple and Jitou village of Chimu mountain of Red Reclamation Area in Jingning- the ethnic minority group autonomous county.

The shape is fat, tight and a little flat. The fresh leaves used to make tea are fat buds, tender leaves and one bud growing with one leaf. There is little white fuzz on the bud. The bud is ivory and slightly yellow. After being brewed, the liquid turns white, so it is also called “white tea”.

Brewing method: Top-putting brewing method is appropriate.

Water temperature: 85℃ or so is better.

Tea sets: usually glass is used.

According to Jingning County Annals, during the period of Dazhong in Tang Dynasty (847-859), tea trees had already been planted in Jingning. Inn the 2nd year of Xiantong (861), Monk Huiming established the huiming temple in Nanquan Mountain, and planted tea trees around the temple. The tea is of excellent quality and named after the monk Hui Ming. Its cultivation has been 1100 years. Now there is a Kocha tree in the temple. The tea buds are white with yellow, and it changes into white after being brewed. Its color, smell and taste are of fine quality, thus known as “white tea”, “fairy tea” and “orchid tea”

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