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Fermented Pu'er Tea

Unfermented Pu'er tea requires a long time of natural fermentation , whereas fermented Pu'er tea can get a good quality and flavor after storing 2 to 3 years. It is more suitable for drinking compared with unfermented tea. Fermented Pu'er tea is made through piling and fermentation. It has a special old flavor and proves to process dozens of health functions. It is widely accepted for its excellent weight loss.

Brewing difficulty: General difficulty,

Best season to taste: Winter

Origin: Xishuangbanna, Pu'er and other places of Yunnan Province.


The new imperial Pu'er tea is rather fresh witha golden fuzz and thick taste. The stale imperial Pu'er tea turns from maroon into dark brown after long-term oxidation. In addition, the wrapping paper of the old imperial Pu'er tea has became obsolete and slightly yellow as time goes by. The buyer can identify the tea according to the hand wove of the paper and aging degree of the print.

Tea ceremony

Water temperature: boiling water of 100 ℃.

Tea sets: purple clay teapot, porcelain, tureen, etc. In addition, it's better to choose a bigger cup to taste the tea.

Amount of tea: ratio of tea and water is 1:50 to 1:30.

Infusion time: usually 10 or more infusions for fermented Pu'er tea.

Level of Pu'er

Recognizing, total of 11 level: the supreme level and level 1 to 10. It is divided into high, medium and low grade. The high grade tea includes Jingguagong Tea, Qizibing, imperial tea, tea for gift, and supreme. The middle grade includes level 1 and 3 of Zhuan tea and Tuo tea, and diffused tea from level 1 to 5. The low grade tea is diffused tea from level 6 to 10.

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