Documentary 2/6 :Tea, The Story of a Leaf

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Tea plays an important role in many cultures, from being part of religious ceremonies in Japan, to being a daily ritual for people in England. A documentary explores how the drink affects the lives of millions of people.

Chinese people started to drink tea 2,000 years ago and The Classic of Tea, written by Lu Yu (AD 733-804) in the eighth century, elevated the humble beverage to an important part of Chinese culture. It is said tea was introduced to India in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24) and later spread around the world.

A six-part documentary, Tea, The Story of a Leaf, explores how the universally loved and widely consumed beverage affects people's lives around the world.

Tea,The Story of a Leaf

Episode 2 : The Road’s End

Tea-story in the episode 2:

  1. Kunlun snow chrysanthemum tea

  2. Cantonese herbal tea

  3. Tea competition in Nannuo Mountain Tea Producing Area in Yunnan Province

  4. Tibetan Butter tea

  5. Mongolian milk tea

  6. Insect tea (Insect droppings tea)

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