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ChaDao Video:"6 Gentlemen" for Chinese tea ceremony

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Tea Caddy(茶筒): Container used for hold the other 5 tea kits or to store tea leaves.

Teaspoon(茶勺):used for ladling out dry teas from tea containers into the tea holder, or into teapot before making tea.

Tea needle(茶针):dredge the teapot connection (hives) to keep the water smoothly spout when blocked, or stir the tea leaves in the teapot.

tea digger(茶匙):used for transfer tea leaves from the tea holder to the teapot or gaiwan, generally is carved from a single piece of bamboo .

Tea Tongs(茶夹):carry tea leaves out of teapot after finishing a tea ceremony, or picking small tea cup after cleaning cups with boiling water.

Tea Funnel(茶漏):help to pour tea leaves into small teapot to avoid falling out of it before making tea

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