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Documentary :Yixing Purple Clay Teapot/Zisha Teapot

Zisha Teapot is a particular kind of pottery handiwork of Chinese Han. It is regarded as antique with great collection value. It’s not easy to get a Zisha Teapot made by master. As the saying goes, “Yixing Zisha is more worthy to be got than any jewels.”

Based on stories of successors, this documentary exhibits the exquisite production process of Zisha Teapot. First of all, to get the red sand used to make Zisha Teapot, people have to mash, sieve and filter the clay lump dug out from mines. Shapes of Zisha Teapots are ever-changing. It is shaped all by hand through patting and jointing. The complicated procedure is a great test for a master’s skill. A shaped teapot should be put in a cool place, and cannot be fired until it is dried. Heat control is the key step which can ruin all previous successes. Therefore, a superior Zisha Teapot can only be made when every step is mastered precisely. A superior Zisha Teapot is more than a teapot, it is an art ware. It is because Zisha Teapot is a perfect combination of artistry and practicality that it is precious and long lasting.

Yixing Purple Clay Teapot Collection

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