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Ancient Tea Set --- Underglazed Red Porcelain Tea Set

Underglaze red, also called “red below the glaze”, was first completed in Jingdezhen Kiln in the Yuan Dynasty and was one of the most famous underglazed porcelains. People painted different pattern directly on the white porcelain base with copper red as the colorant. Then they added transparent glaze and fired it in high temperature. Underglazed red pattern could be used by itself or together with the blue and white patterns.

It had a traditional and prudent color. Blue and white underglazed red porcelain, which was also called “blue and white pattern with purple porcelain”, was made by painting with blue, white glaze and underglazed red glaze on the base. After adding transparent glaze, it would be completed when fired once in high temperature. The pattern was mixed by red and blue. Therefore, it had the simple and elegant feature of blue and white pattern as well as beautiful and implicative feature of underglazed red. Blue and red went together, a contrast of cold and warm colors.

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