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Ancient Tea Set --- Enamel-color Porcelain Tea Set

Enamel-color porcelain, also called “enamel on the porcelain base”, is one kind of faience porcelain created in the Reign of Emperor Kangxi, the Qing Dynasty. At that time, craftsmen applied the skill of enamel on the copper base to porcelain and invented this technique. Enamel-color porcelain was different from other porcelains. Craftsmen in Jingdezhen Kiln were only responsible for making the porcelain base. Paintings would be done by royal painters in Beijing. At last, enamel workshop belonging to imperial palace would fire them for a second tine. Enamel-color porcelain had white base, soft glaze, bright color and technique to make it surpass other porcelains. As precious porcelain for royal families, it was ruled that in the Qing Dynasty, enamel-color porcelains could only be held by the emperor and his wives, or the purpose of offering birthday congratulation or sacrifices to gods or goddesses. People outside the palace could not collect enamel porcelains. However, this delicate porcelain only had a very short life. After the Reign of Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong, this craft was lost forever.

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