Dong Fang Mei Ren Tea/Oriental Beauty Tea


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Dongfang meiren tea (oriental beauty tea), also marketed as white tip oolong tea, is a heavily fermented, non-roasted, tip-type oolong tea produced in Hsinchu County, Taiwan.



The oriental beauty is 70% fermented, and hand picked 1 bud with 2 leaves of Chin Shin Da Pan to produce the high Class tea of oriental beauty. The tea leaves with white tip, so it is also called white tips tea. The more white tips with tea leaves, the higher the price of teas is. The tea gardens of oriental beauty teas are located in the elevation of about 300~800 meters, and have enough humidity and sufficient sunshine, so there’s no pollution for the growth of the tea.

The tea is unique in the world, so its price is higher. And the tea only have summer tea, so it is rare in production.



It tastes like black tea, but it has unique honey aroma and the tea brew is bright amber color. The most interesting thing about the Oriental Beauty is the tea leaf must be bit by the little tea bug (the Jacobiasca Formosana insect). After being bitten, the green leaves lose photosynthetic ability and transform into a golden-yellow color. Only after this process, does the Oriental Beauty Oolong possess its unique honey aroma.



Dongfang meiren is brewed with lower temperature water (80°C–85°C) than is typical for other oolongs. It also requires a longer brewing (1–2 minutes for the first pot and then longer for subsequent brewings). Like other oolongs, the leaves can be steeped multiple times.






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