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Yongchun Bergamot Tea

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Yongchun bergamot tea, as known as citron species, is made of bergamot tea trees’ leaves. It is famous with unique flavor among Fujian Oolong tea. It is named “gold bergamot” for its oval-shaped leaves and citron-liked shape. Yongchun bergamot is divided into red bud bergamot and green bergamot, and the former is better.

Best season to taste : Autumn

Origin: sukeng, Yudou and Guiyang etc. of Yongchun County in Fujian Province.

The finished product of Yongchun Bergamot is tight, stout and curved with green, dark, and water-wet color. It has thick aroma and sweet taste. It is resistant to infuse and the soup is yellow and clear. The tea aroma is fragrant as if there are bergamots, citron and other fruit around.

Yongchun bergamot is traced back in the Northern Song Dynasty. According to legend, the monk of Tiger-Riding Rock Temple in Anxi County grafted a tree’s branch to a bergamot. After careful cultivation, he imparted the method to his junior fellow apprentice of Lion and Tiger Rock in Yongchun County. From then on, the farmers nearby raced to plant the tea until now.

Yongchun Bergamot is produced in the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, Yongchun County, Fujian Province, a warm place all the year around. Yongchun County is located in the south of Daiyun Mountain. There are continuous hills and abundant resource. What’s more, this area is also the transitional area of the southern and northern subtropical zones. It is in the subtropical monsoon climate zone. It rains a lot in the whole year with big temperature difference between day and night. Meanwhile, most of the tea farms in this county are located in mountain areas and half-mountain areas. The production of Yongchun Bergamot here verifies “high quality of tea from high mountains”

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