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Wuyi Rougui Tea

Wuyi Rougui is famous for its fragrant aroma of cinnamon. Wuyi Rougui is a top tea of the fragrant varieties with great "rock essence" and stands out from Oolong tea because of its unique scent.

Brewing difficulty: General difficulty

Best season to taste: Summer

Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province.


Dry Wuyi Rougui is brown, oily ans shiny light with a sweet smell. The brewed tea has the aroma of butter, fruit and cinnamon. It still has the fragrance of cinnamon after 6 to 7 infusions.

Tea ceremony

Water temperature: 90℃ ~ 95℃, high especially in the first infusion.

Tea set: Yixing purple clay teapot is better.

Amount of tea: According to the size of teapot or cup, generally 1/2 of the container.

Infusion time: the first infusion takes 1 minute, the second, 1 minute and 30 seconds, and the 3rd, 3 minutes and then more in the next. Try to keep the soup color same with that of the 3rd infusion.

Infusion times: 8 infusions for top grade Wuyi Rougui.


"Rougui ranks first and is precious". Wuyi Rougui is famous for its aroma and taste resembling cinnamon. Wuyi Rougui is harvested four times per year. It is done in sunny days. When the top shoots grow up, pick 2 to 3 leaves. The tea is produced through withering, fixation, rolling and baking.

The name of Rougui

In late Qing Dynasty, There was a gifted scholar named Jiang Heng in Jian'an County of Fujian Province. He loved to drink tea and was apt at recognizing tea. One year, Jiang Heng was invited to entitle the tea by Pan Longyan. The owner held the tea sets and made the tea with the traditional brewing method.

Jiang Heng took the tea cup and smelled a natural fragrance of rock. He said:" How fragrance the tea is!" Jiang sap a swallow for a minute, and felt sharp aroma. The master ask Jiang Heng to make a name for it. Jiang Heng said that, " This tea should be called according to its quality and I think Rougui is proper."

Then Pan Longyan said, "Great, Rougui (cinnamon) is an expensive and precious medicial material and the name hightlighted the rarity of the tea."

The Wuyi Mountains are one of the most important tea producing areas in the world. Regarded as "mother trees," some of the local tea trees are hundreds of years old, offering precious tea leaves of great quality.

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