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Jasmine Tea

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Jasmine tea is also called jasmine scented tea. It is the treasure in scented teas and also the best seller in scented tea market. It is loved by northern people in China. The sentence “you can smell the atmosphere of spring in Chinese scented tea” popular in foreign countries is to praise jasmine tea. Jasmine tea is made by stirring tea-leaves and matching fresh jasmine. Since the jasmine tea uses green tea s tea basement, someone classified it as green tea. But there are some jasmine teas taking black tea or oolong tea as tea basement. Jasmine tea has the function of dispelling cold and depression, so it is a good choice as spring tea.

Origin: Fujian, Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan Province.

Fine jasmine tea takes tender shoot. The first-class tea is recognized by long, plump pekoe and no leaves, the 2nd-class tea, by leafless shoots, and the 3rd-class, almost all the leaves and no shoots.

A good jasmine tea smells fresh, thick, and lasting fragrance without peculiar smell. It tastes mellow and soft, without bitterness and other tastes.


Tea Sets: putting on the tureen/gaiwan to retain the fragrance when brewing tea.

Water temperature: 85℃.

Amount of tea : 1:50

Times: 3-5 minutes.

Jasmine tea is the most aromatic tea.

Jasmine tea is the mixture of scenting tea leaves with fresh jasmine flowers, offering a special taste of the mixed fragrance of tea and flowers. It tastes soft and fresh.

Therefore a poet of Song Dynasty called Jiang Kui made a poetry named Jasmine, in which he praised the jasmine tea “ if I wrote the history of flowers, I would name jasmine as the most aromatic”. Then jasmine tea was called the most aromatic by later generation.

Best 5 jasmine teas

Jasmine teas from different origin places and processing techniques vary in quality and features. Fuzhou is the birthplace of jasmine tea with a long history. The best 5 jasmine teas are Fujian jasmine tea, longtuanzhu jasmine tea, Zhenghe jasmine tea, Jinhua jasmine tea, and Suzhou jasmine tea.

The Song of Jasmine Tea

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