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ChaDao Video: How To Brew Yellow Tea

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Use one tablespoon of loose tea leaf (about two grams) for five 100 ml water. The amount of loose leaf tea can be adjusted by yourself according to your own taste and the temperature of water should be controlled at 95-100°C. Then brew for about one minute before drinking.

Yellow tea can stand up to three to five infusions. The second steeping may last for two minutes and the third should last a bit longer etc. If you use a glass, you can enjoy the scene of golden tips or the delicate leaves floating straight in the water.

For top quality yellow tea, such as Junshan Yinzhen, you can better enjoy it by using another brewing way similar to that of brewing premium Longjing Tea.

1. Prepare a glass of 200ml;

2. Pour into 95°C boiled water to 1/3 capacity of the glass;

3. Add about 5g tea into it;

4. Wait for a moment . When the tea totally unfold in the water, fill the glass up;

5. Brew for about 1-2 minutes before you enjoy it.

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