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Health Benefits of Pu-erh Tea

Health Benefits of Puerh: Function of Microorganism

The microorganism in Yunnan Puerh tea are brought out by fermentation (Wodui), including aspergillus niger, penicillium, rhizopus, aspergillus glaucus, saccharomyces and bacteria. The last one is in very small amount and doesn’t contain pathogenic kinds. During the process of fermentation (Wodui), aspergillus niger and saccharomyces ocuppy the largest amount in the microorganism it produced. We will mainly talk about these two in this article.

Ways Aspergillus Niger Works in Resolving Fat

Aspergillus niger is a kind of lower eukaryote and is safe for eating that recognized worldwide. It is a significant microorganism in determining of Puerh’s quality. During fermentation, aspergillus niger always has the largest number in all the microorganism. It helps the fermentation and produces glucamylase, cellulose and pectinase. The three can resolve many organic compounds, including polysaccharide, fat, protein, natural fibre, pectin and insoluble carbohydrate, into monosaccharide, amino acid, hydrated pectin and soluble carbohydrate, making the beneficial substance in tea leaves easy to ooze and spread. This action results the basis of Puerh’s smooth and mellow taste. This is why we said aspergillus niger plays the most important role in Puerh’s quality by producing organic acid and enzyme via metabolism.

Saccharomyces’s Benefits for Puerh

Microorganism in teas does not only improve the nutrition value of Puerh, but also influences the quality of liquid.

During fermentation, the wet and hot condition provides the best environment for saccharomycetes to metabolize by improving enzyme’s activity. When other microorganism are using different polysaccharide as carbon source to metabolize, and producing plenty of polysaccharide and monosaccharide, which provides nutrition for saccharomycetes to metabolize fast. The fast metabolism results the sweet and mellow quality of the tea. We can say that the growth of saccharomyces is greatly connected with Puerh’s feature of sweet and mellow.

The Reason why wodui won’t breed bacteria

Why there are just few kinds of bacteria existing during the process of fermentation while almost no pathogenic bacteria? It’s the result of the combat between every microorganism. For example, the metabolism of saccharomycetes and mould could restrict the growth of bacteria. This is a summary of years of experiences from the workers.

The Different Health Benefit between Raw and Ripe

The health benefits of Puerh:Helps losing weight;Preventing cancer;Protecting teeth;Protecting stomach;Anti-radiation;Anti-aging.

Those functions of health benefits act differently in Raw Puerh and Ripe Puerh. In Raw Puerh, the function of losing weight mainly comes from tea polyphenol, chlorophyllin, Vitamin C and other beneficial substance in teas.

What is Raw Puerh Usually we call none-manually-fermented Puerh tea as Raw Puerh.

As it is not fermented, the tea polyphenols that help weight loss in Raw Puerh are maintained in larger amount. Like Yunnan big leaf species, it has plenty of tea polyphopnels, especially in spring fresh tea. Rich tea polyphenols help the body of detox and anti-radiation.

Tea polyphenols, within which existing the catechin and its oxidation product theaflavins, are helping decrease the level of cholesterol and triglyceride. Thus Raw Puerh can help to control blood fat so that it can lose weight and lower blood pressure.

What’s more, tea polyphenols can kill lactic acid bacteria and other bacteria hiding between teeth, and inhibit the activity of glucose polymerase. Bacteria and germs will be prevented from planting on the gum. Residual food between teeth may grow bacteria, whereas it could be killed by tea polyphenol. Consequently, the forming of decayed teeth will be stopped. So long-term drinking of Raw Puerh can protect your teeth.

In Ripe Puerh, the function of losing weight comes from different aspect. It is the result of the integrative action of various sorts of effective microorganisms. The action will reduce the absorbing of triglyceride and sugar in small intestinal, and improve its effects of resolving fat in waist and abdomen.

Fermented by wodui, macromolecular polysaccharides in Ripe Puerh are transformed into soluble monosaccharide and oligosaccharide because of microorganisms. During the fermentation, the amount of Vitamin C was double increased. These substances have great significance to improve immunity.

With abundant microorganism in it, Ripe Puerh is not irritative to stomach. It can produce a membrane to cover stomach wall, therefore protect your stomach. Frequently using of Ripe puerh will do good to your stomach.

Effects of exercises for losing weight

The health benefit of losing weight of Puerh tea is a half of the weight loss plan, which could be considered as resolving fat via chemical effects. On the other half of the plan, we should take physical measures, doing exercises.

Exercise should follow principle and rules

Keep diet, keep healthy

You should eat to be strong enough to lose weight. It is paradox but rational. Supplement of energy is important. Three meals of everyday are needed. And they should be taken appropriately. Either too many or too little will be bad for health.

Don’t do strenuous exercises immediately after meal

Strenuous exercises after eating any food will influent digest, which is bad for your health. Meanwhile the health benefits of Puerh will not be perfectly performed. It’s better to take exercise after an hour of your meal. Or do it in 1 – 2 hours before meals.

Do your exercise properly

Overdo exercises will exhaust your energy, and make your body secreting acid. This is why your body feels tired. By this time you could take alkaline foods to balance pH value, such as teas. Life lies in motion. Exercise can strength your body. Meanwhile by taking green drinks, like tea, you could get more health benefits, and won’t be bothered with disease.

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