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Eastern Beauty Tea

Baihao Oolong is a typical deeply fermented Taiwan Oolong Tea. It is also called "Pengfeng Tea".In the international tea market, the Baihao (white-haired) Oolong tea from Taiwan is known as Champagne Oolong or "Eastern Beauty". The white-haired leaves are short and thick, red, yellow and white in color. The liquid is orange-red. The brewed leaves are unbroken.

Baihao Oolong

It is named "Baohao" (white-haired) because its final product contains the white fuzz (baihao), which is rare among Oolong teas.

Pengfeng Tea

Pengfeng names "boast to end" in Hakka. The tea is so called because of its price as a result of small yield. "Pengfeng Tea" means excellent tea.

Eastern Beauty

It is said that between 1900 and 1940, large quantities of the tea were sold to Europe. It was even on the royal menu. The Queen of England name it " Eastern Beauty".

Champagne Oolong

It is said that people in the west add one or two drops of champagne to the tea liquid, giving tea its name.

Features of Baihao Oolong

The degree of fermentation is close to that of black tea. It has 5 colors: white, green, yellow, red and brown. The brownish-red dried tea leaves are of various shapes. The tea liquid is of orange to red color, with the taste of honey and an apple fragrance. It can endure multiple infusions. The color and taste of Baihao Oolong is close to that of black tea.

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