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Dongding Oolong Tea

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Dongding Oolong is lightly fermented, best known in Taiwan and honored as the “Holy tea product.” It is from Dongding tea garden of the high altitude. Its annual production is limited, so it is especially precious. Dongding tea has a long history. Taiwan History wrote that Taiwan has a long history of producing tea. The old annals claimed the Shuishalian (now Puli in Nantou County, Sun Moon Lake, Shuili, Zhushan, etc.) produced tea. The color is like sunglo, and it can also avoid malaria and hotness. So far, the tea coming from these 5 cities is sold in the market, Yet Dongding Oolong is the best. However the yield is very small.

Origin: Lugu Town of Nantou County in Taiwan

Authentic Oolong tea is full of obvious artificial flavor and roasted aroma. Its aftertaste is memorable. Dongding Oolong tea within 7 years is distinguished with “green leaves embroidered with red edge”. That is, the red part takes 1/3. The tea of a long history turns dark. The liquid has the aroma of ripe fruit.


Water temperature : above 90℃.

Tea sets: the purple clay teapot

Amount of tea: Dongding Oolong is generally 1/4 of the teapot.

The oolong tea from Mt. Dongding is produced in Mt. Dongding of Lugu Township, Nantou County, Taiwan Province. According to the legend, Lin Fengchi, a villager from Lugu Township of Nantou County, went to Fujian to take the imperial examination in 1855. He succeed in the examination and returned to his hometown an official. He brought back with 36 seedings of Wuyi Oolong tea trees, which were planted in Mt. Dongding and gradually developed into present-day Dongding tea garden. Though called Dongding (Freezing Summit), Mt. Dongding is green all the year round. It enjoys an annual average temperature of 20℃. Always covered with cloud and mist, it receives relatively short sunshine. With red soil and a natural environment as good as that of Mt.Wuyi, it is the ideal place for growing tea trees.

The Dongding Tea can be picked all the year round. However, its picking and making should meet strict requirements. The fresh leaves are improved buds and leaves such as that of Qingxin (Green Heart) Oolong. The spring tea is the most precious one and is known as “leaves of Gold”.

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