Place of Origin:  Zhenghe County, Fujian Porvince.


Package : Bluk Tea / Loose Tea


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***High-mountain Wild Tea***


Zhenghe Gongfu is one type of congou black tea produced in the south of China. Zhenghe Gongfu is now more often called Zheng He Congou Tea and seen as one of the big three congou black teas produced in Fujian province. The other two are Bai Lin Congou and Tan Yang Congou, you could also find them in our store. Zhenghe Gongfu is often referred to as clarets because of its full-bodied, winey flavor. In fact, the words of Zhenghe came from the name for Zhenghe county where the Zhenghe Gongfu was originally and mainly produced. Zhenghe County also makes other teas like white tea, green tea and oolong tea, the name of Zhenghe remains as one for Zhenghe congou (Zheng He Congou) black tea.


The tea production history in Zhenghe county dates back to even one thousand years ago. In Song Dynasty, Zhenghe county mainly produced Ya Cha, one of the then rare teas which was presented to Emperor Huizhong as tribute and so loved by him that he granted his reign title "zhenghe" to the county. Before that time, Zhenghe county was named as Guanli county. In 1874, tea merchants from Jiangxi province pioneered the production of black tea in Zhenghe county and made a hit. In 1896, the Zhenghe Gongfu made from Da Baicha cultivar became famous and ranked first among the top three congou black teas of Fujian province.


Zhenghe Gongfu has a deep, full body and makes excellent breakfast and afternoon tea. It is a smooth and mellow tea with a hint of subtle peppery taste and fragrance. This tea blends very well with sweetened milk for added flavor and extra smoothness.

To brew Zhenghe Gongfu, first put dry tea leaves in teapot, then pour 85-90 degree boiled water into the teaware. standard steeping time is 30 seconds. With a short steeping time the tea will be light and sweet, perfect to drink plainly. With a longer steeping time we advice to add milk, honey or lemon. This tea can be brewed for several rounds

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