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Name: Dianhong/ Yunnan Black Tea

Tea Farm: Fengqing Jianwu Tea Factory

Catagory: Black Tea

Region: Fengqing County, Yunnan Province


Wholesale Prices:


Fengqing Black Tea


TFW68-B1: 15USD/KG 

***Topgrade Maofeng Black Tea***


TFW68-B2: 25USD/KG 

***Fengqing Classic 58 Black Tea***


TFW68-B3: 25USD/KG 

***Ancient Tree Black Tea***


TFW68-A1: 75USD/KG 

***Small gold bud tea/Xiao Jinya Tea***


TFW68-A2: 75USD/KG 

***Wild-growing Tea***


TFW68-A3: 80USD/KG 

***Big gold bud tea/Da Jinya Tea***


TFW68-A4: 80USD/KG 

***Big gold needle tea/Da Jinzhen Tea***

Fengqing Dianhong Black Tea Wholesale, Tea Farm Wholesale

Tea Grade System / Product No
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