Ying De Black Tea, Ying Hong NO.9 Tea, Chinese Black Tea Wholesale


Place of Origin: Shi Hui Town, Ying De City, Guang Dong  Porvince


Ying De Black Tea --- Ying Hong NO.9 Tea

YDH9-1: 10USD/KG (Strong Aroma,black tea leaves)

YDH9-2: 18USD/KG (Orchid Aroma)

YDH9-3: 26USD/KG (Ancient Tea Tree)

YDH9-4: 58USD/KG (Single bud, wild-growing tea)

YDH9-5:  125USD/KG (Super-grade Tea, Honey Aroma)

YDH9-6:  165USD/KG (Super-grade Tea, Yellow bud)


Package : Bluk Tea / Loose Tea


Wholesale Price Unit : *USD/KG


Yingdehong tea is a black tea from Yingde, Guangdong province, China. The tea tasted good and the best kind is "Ying Hong NO.9", and much of the tea is exported. Known by its full name of Yingde Hongcha in Chinese, other names for the tea include Ying de Black, Ying Hong and Guangdong Black tea.

First produced mechanically in 1959. It is in this year that the tea was first mass-produced using machine and factory processes.

The tea when dry appears as a bundle of curled and dried black tea leaves that smell much like cocoa. When infused, the leaves turn the water a more amber color and the brew has a peppery taste with a hint of sweetness at the end. he tea should have a cocoa-like aroma and like most Chinese black teas a sweet aftertaste.Some quality varieties are produced, which often look like leaf Oolong.

The black tea is often drunk straight with no additions. The tea itself is prepared much in the same way as other more traditional hong cha. This means brewing the tea for around four minutes with the amount of leaves used dependent on how strong or weak the brewer wants the tea to be.

Ying De Black Tea, Ying Hong NO.9 Tea, Chinese Black Tea Wholesale

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