Notice: These teas are directly small family tea farms in original tea production areas. the order process time is about 1 week, because these family tea farms are in romote tea villages in Fujiang, or GuangDong province.; And sometimes, the tea farmers can not provide tea because the teas are sold out.


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Name: Wuyi Rock Tea/Wuyi rock-essence tea

Tea Farmer: Xiao Si & Qi Gu Tea farm (tea farm video and pictures)

Catagory:  OolongTea

Region:Mt.Wuyi Mountain ,Nanping City,Fujian Province.



Wholesale Prices:


TFW7-A1: 50USD/KG (wuyi Shuixian武夷水仙/Flower Aroma)

TFW7-A2: 70USD/KG (wuyi Shuixian武夷水仙/ Strong Flower Aroma)

TFW7-A3: 125USD/KG (wuyi Shuixian武夷水仙/ Orchid Flower Aroma)

Sample: 30g of small sample package 



TFW7-A3S:  10USD


TFW7-B: 155USD/0.5KG (Zhengyan Shuixian正岩水仙)

Sample: 30g of small sample package



TFW7-C: 150USD/KG (Gaocong Shuixian高枞水仙)

Sample: 30g of small sample package



TFW7-D: 225USD/0.5KG (Laocong Shuixian老枞水仙)

Sample: 30g of small sample package



TFW7-E: 745USD/0.5KG (100-years Laocong 百年老枞)

Sample: 30g of small sample package



TFW7-F1: 110USD/KG (Rou Gui 武夷肉桂/Chinese cinnamon Aroma)

TFW7-F2: 125USD/KG (Rou Gui 武夷肉桂/Strong Fruit Aroma)

TFW7-F3: 150USD/KG (Rou Gui 武夷肉桂/Strong cinnamon Aroma)

TFW7-F4: 70USD/KG (Rou Gui 武夷肉桂/Fruit Aroma)

Sample: 30g of small sample package

TFW7-F1S:  10USD

TFW7-F2S:  10USD

TFW7-F3S:  10USD



TFW7-G: 415USD/0.5KG (Zhengyan Rou Gui 正岩肉桂)

Sample: 30g of small sample package





Wuyi Rock Tea / Wuyi Yan Cha (武夷岩茶)


The varieties under this subcategory generally give a shorter, but more robust impression both in the aroma and in the taste, as compared with other oolongs. This has to do with the plucks of the particular local cultivars as treated in the production style popularly adapted there, with high fire and aggressively swift handling of the leaves.

The finer ones are called Yancha, i.e. teas of the big rocks, denoting origins that are in the heights rather than on the plains. The more difficult growing environment in the patches of land or steppes in the hills yield a lot more taste elements in the leaves, rather than just tannic and bitter “strength” of those from lower lands.

Amongst the Yancha, there are specially sought after ones that are from legendary cultivars, such as Da Hongpao (the Red Cloak), Tie Lohan (Iron Buddhist Monk, aka Iron Buddha), Bai Jiguan (White Crest of the Rooster), etc, etc. To certain people of status, access to such teas mean more status importance rather than the real gastronomic qualities.
Practical fine selections come from other cultivars. The most popular is a group by the name of Shuixian (Water Goddess, aka Chinese Sacred Lily). Yes, you are right, the same name as that traditional cheap restaurant tea. Others include Rougui, Meijian, and other cultivars from Anxi, Taiwan, and Eastern Fujian, such as various strands of wulongs and Da’bai.
Like post-fermented teas and brown style Anxi, Wuyi oolongs are dinner table friendly and popular connoisseur’s choice in gongfu tea making.

23/B varieties of Wuyi Rock Tea/ Wuyi rock-essence tea, Wuyi Tea farm Wholesale

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