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Place of Origin:  Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Porvince.


Tea Name:  Bu Zhi Chun /Knows not of Spring ,“famous bushes (Mingcongs)”



Package : Bluk Tea / Loose Tea


Tea Varieties & Grades:


WBZC-A1: 135USD/0.5KG

***Rare Tea of Wuyi Rock Tea/Flower Fragrant Tea/ Handmade Tea***

WBZC-A1S: 40USD/Unit

***1unit = about 125g/Samper of High-quality Tea***





Bu Zhi Chun (不知春), literally: "Knows not of Spring", one of the most unknown and rare Wuyi oolongs, owes its name to the Chinese way of determining seasons by solar system and the period when the tea is grown and harvested.
Bu Zhi Chun is picked after “the beginning of Summer” (May 5 or 6) Every year. Since it flushes later than other varietals, already well into Spring and approaching Summer, its name is quite fitting. This tea was fully handmade using traditional methods with several charcoal roasts. The finished leaves are tightly twisted with lustrous brown color, while the tea liquor is a lovely orange-yellow.



Mt.WuYi has precipitous cliffs, deep pits, and huge valleys. The ancient people planted tea trees in the rock pits, crevices, and cracks by building embankment with rocks. Year in year out, Mt.Wuyi has ended up with rocks in every corner and tea trees amidst all rocks. People call the oolong tea produced in Mt.Wuyi the WuYi Rock Tea. According to the place of origin,variey of the tea tree, the WuYi Rock Tea can be divided into four kinds: QiZhong (rare strain), DanCong QiZhong(single-clump rare strain), MingCong QiZhong (Famous Clump Rare Strain), and MingZhong(Famous Strain). QiZhong is none but the Vegetable Tea as called by the locals, because it is as plain as the ordinary vegetable. DanCong QiZhong is developed from the Vegetable Tea and then given various names. Mingcong QiZhong is the best of Dancong QiZhong. There are top four famous MingCongs: DaHongPao (Big Red Robe),ShuiJinGui (Water Golden Turtle), BaiJiGuan (White Comb), and TieLuoHan (Iron Arhat).The WuYi Rock Tea is well-known at home and abroad, which has much to do with large number of MingCongs, the kinds of rock tea. Among the top 4 MingCongs, DaHongPao is the best and it is called the king of kings of the WuYi Rock Teas. 


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