White snow tea,Thamnoia ver-micularis(Ach.)Asahina,Chinese Herbal Tea Wholesale.


English Name:Thamnoia ver-micularis(Ach.)Asahina,

Chinese Name:White Snow Tea


White snow tea mainly grows in the snowy area of 4000m and it’s so rare. When snows, it begins to sprout; till the snow covers, it will grow leaves. White snow tea contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, such as Thamnolie acid, Squama-tic acid, Baeomycesic acid, D-Arabitol, Mannito1, which are beneficial to human body.


White Snow tea has a long history, dating back to the Ming Dynasty. It’s the great treasure in Chinese Medical Pharmacopoeia. "Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica" recorded: Snow tea is naturally a kind of grass shoots, which was fried and baked by natives to substitute tea. When people drink this tea, bitter but full of aroma, the stomach feels warm. This tea cool in nature, eliminates waste, toxins, and relieve thirst, clear heat, detoxify, soothe the liver, moistens the lungs and lower blood pressure.


Healthcare Function

1.adjust nerves

2.promote metabolism

3.improve immunity 

White snow tea clears heat, and produce body fluid to relieve thirst, moisten lungs and stop cough; it removes heat from liver to brighten eyes. Regulate blood pressure and lipid to loss weight; Soothe nerves and refresh the mind. So it has significant effect on hypertension, neurasthenia, sore throat, etc.

It treats consumptive diseases and hectic fever due to yin deficiency, pneumonia, cough, mania; regular drinking this tea prevents gastrointestinal cancer and work wonders on hypertension, and heat stroke.



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White Snow Tea,Thamnoia ver-micularis(Ach.)Asahina,Chinese Herbal Tea Wholesale.

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