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Dehua White Porcelain Tea Cup, Chinese Traditional Porcelain Tea Set Wholesale


Tea Cup (aroma cup and drinking cup)

n Chinese tea ceremony, Using aroma cup to smell the tea before sipping tea water. Smelling is very important because most of the taste of tea is in the smell.Using drinking to take sips of the tea and savor the taste. Connoisseurs often loudly slurp the tea and swish it around in their cheeks to be sure all taste buds are engaged.

A Rou Chen cup is a small, delicate cup, as thin as paper, as white as snow, looking like a half table tennis ball, which can just take 7 or 8 milliliters tea. The design of such a small volume is mainly for the purpose of relaxing by having gongfu tea, not for quenching thirst. Authentic ancient Rou Chen cups were made in Jingdezhen Kiln, Jiangxi province, with “Rou Chen collection” on the bottom of the cups.


White porcelain evolved from celadon. Early white porcelain teawares were light yellowish brown with milky white and bluish yellow glaze. The places where glaze was thin looked moist. Since the Tang Dynasty, there were many kilns which made white porcelain teasets, for example, Xing Kiln in Renqiu,Hebei Province, Yue Kiln in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, Changsha Kiln in Hunan Province and Dayi Kiln in Sichuan Province. More Information


Material : Dehua White Porcelain (High-Quality)


KAC55-A1: 15USD/unit (about 35ml)

KAC55-A2: 15USD/unit (about 50ml)

KAC55-A3: 15USD/unit (about 40ml)

KAC55-A4: 15USD/unit (about 40ml)

Wholesale unit: 20 cups as 1 unit

Safe Package weight: about 2 KG for 1 unit.



KAC55-B1: 30USD/unit (about 40ml)

KAC55-B2: 30USD/unit (about 40ml)

KAC55-B3: 30USD/unit (about 50ml)

KAC55-B4: 30USD/unit (about 50ml)

Wholesale unit: 10 cups as 1 unit

Safe Package weight: about 1 KG for 1 unit.


White Porcelain Tea Cup, Chinese Traditional Porcelain Tea Set Wholesale

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