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Pouchong or light oolong, it is a lightly fermented (oxidized) tea, twist shape, with floral notes, and usually not roasted, somewhere between green tea and what is usually considered Oolong tea, though often classified with the latter due to its lack of the sharper green tea flavours. It is produced mainly in Fujian, China, and in Pinglin Township near Taipei, Taiwan.Its name in Chinese, refers to a practice of wrapping the leaves in paper during the drying process that has largely been discontinued due to advancement in tea processing. At its best, Pouchong gives off a floral and melon fragrance and has a rich, mild taste.

Usually around the end of March, begins picking of this famous Taiwan "spring tea"Pouchong is a popular choice with producers of scented tea, with rose pouchong a particular favourite.

Wenshan pouchong tea in the fermentation of 15% to 20%, and is the lightest level of Taiwan’s tea fermented oolong tea.

Health benefits

Together with green tea, oolong tea, and black tea, Pouchong tea has been shown to have antioxidant activity and antimutagenic properties. Tea catechins are important antioxidants and one study found Pouchong tea to have over three times the amount of these compounds relative to black tea, although it was found to have less than green or oolong teas.

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