Place of Origin:  Tan Yang, Fu An City, Fujian Porvince.


Package : Bluk Tea / Loose Tea


Tea Varieties & Grades:






***Mixiang black Tea (Honey fragrance)/Spring Tea***




A famous type of Black tea from Tan Yang village, Fu Jian province. It is selected from the superfine leave buds at spring-picking, and it takes much more times during the production process in order to make sure its high quality, and the quantity is limited every year.



Originated in the 17 th( at the beginning of Qing dynasty) in Tan-Yang village Fu-An city, and rank first among top three "Min Hong Tea" (Fu jian Black Tea), Tan yang Kung tea, as early as 1915 received a Gold Medal in Panama International Exposition, and it is also the British Royal specially tea, also counted on the British Parliament building design, and it is also available to write to the " Tan yang village" directly from oversea, you will be attracted by its golden yellow liquor at first sight!


Quality characteristics of Tan Yang Gongfu tea:

Shape: tightly and straight

Color: black bloom, tea tips slender, slightly golden

Soup color: red brilliant and thick

Aroma: high and sharp, lasting

Taste: heavy and mellow, with longan aroma

Infused leaves: red even and smooth

Tanyang Gongfu Tea, Fujian Famous Black Tea Wholesale

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