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Small Tea Samplers


Package: tea bag



Sample Prices:

TFW7-F1S:  10USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

TFW7-F2S:  10USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

TFW7-F3S:  10USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

TFW7-F4S:  5USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Rou Gui 肉桂***


TFW7-GS:  40USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Zhengyan Rou Gui 正岩肉桂***


The above small samplers are related with 

Wuyi Rock Tea Farm Wholesale B


TFW14-AS:  10USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Ban Tian Yao 半天妖***


TFW14-BS:  15USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Bai Ji Guan 白鸡冠***


TFW14-CS:  15USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Tie Luo Han 铁罗汉***


TFW14-DS:  15USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Shui Jin Gui 水金龟***


TFW14-ES:  5USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Que She 雀舌***

TFW14-FS:  5USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Bai Rui Xiang 百瑞香***


TFW14-GS:  15USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Fo Shou 佛手***


TFW14-HS:  10USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Bei Dou 北斗***


TFW14-JS:  5USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Yan Ru 岩乳***


TFW14-KS:  10USD/unit (1unit=1bag=30g )

***Wuyi Rock Tea -Jin Yao Shi 金钥匙***


The above small samplers are related with 

Wuyi Rock Tea Farm Wholesale C


Small Tea Samplers-D (23 varieties of Wuyi Rock Teas)

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