Small Tea Samplers


Grade:  3rd grade tea 

Package: Small Paper Cansiters



Sample Prices:

ST11-A:  10USD/unit (1unit=10 canisters, 1 cansiter /about5-8g of tea )

***Jin Jun Mei Black Tea 金骏眉***


ST11-B:  10USD/unit (1unit=10 canisters, 1 cansiter /about 5-8g of tea )

***Wuyi Rock Tea-Rou Gui 武夷肉桂***


ST11-C:  10USD/unit (1unit=10 canisters, 1 cansiter /about 5-8g of tea )

***Wuyi Rock Tea-Da Hong Pao 大红袍***


ST11-D:  10USD/unit (1unit=10 canisters, 1 cansiter /about 5-8g of tea )

***Jasmine Scented Green Tea 茉莉花茶***


ST11-E:  10USD/unit (1unit=10 canisters, 1 cansiter /about 5-8g of tea )

***Lapsang Souchong Black Tea 正山小种***


ST11-F:  10USD/unit (1unit=20 canisters, 1 cansiter /about 5-8g of tea )

***Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea 铁观音***


ST11-G:  10USD/unit (1unit=20 canisters, 1 cansiter /about 5-8g of tea )

***Biluochun Green Tea 碧螺春茶***


ST11-H:  10USD/unit (1unit=20 canisters, 1 cansiter /about 5-8g of tea )

***Pu-erh Ripe Loose Tea 普洱茶***


ST11-J:  10USD/unit (1unit=20 canisters, 1 cansiter /about 5-8g of tea )

***Orange Pu-erh Ripe Tea 小青柑***


ST11-K:  15USD/unit (1unit=20 canisters, 1 cansiter /about 5-8g of tea )

***Long Jing Green Tea 龙井茶***




Tea Shop Package Material - Small tea canister



The Tea samples are provided for tea lovers or Tea connoisseurs to study Chinese tea culture (not for wholesale business need). and these tea samples are made and  selected by Chinese tea masters (the 3rd providers)


Matters need attention:


Chinese loose tea is not standard products produced in mordern factories. And the teas in our wholesale lists are mainly from family-owned tea farms in original tea areas in China.


Chinese tea grading system are made by tea farmers according to their subjective sesation and experience. These grades are not objective and are different with different tea farmers.

Small Tea Samplers-B (10 Chinese famous teas)

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