Indian trumpet flower is an ideal plant with ornamental fruits and flowers. In china it is also known as Mu Hu Die, which means “wood butterfly” if translated literally. As a matter of fact, there this name much more often refers to its white butterfly-like seed instead of the plant itself. The reason is very simple: people there know it better as a Chinese herb rather than a tree since its seeds have been traditionally used for medicinal purpose. One of the most known medicinal uses for Indian trumpetflower today is that it protects throat. That’s to say, it is an amazing remedy for throat pain, throat irritation, globus hystericus, cough, pharyngitis, and even nasopharyngeal cancer. No wonder people tend to combine it with Chen Pi (Citrus Peel) or Pang Da Hai (Boat Sterculia Seed) to make tea once they suffer from discomfort in throat, hoarse voice, sore throat, or excessive phlegm. By the way, don’t confuse it with angel trumpet flower (Brugmansia, Datura, or Maurandya barclayana). As you can see, they share the same name trumpet flower.


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